Oklahoma 3 dead gun case happened again in Wal-Mart this year

A Wal-Mart store in Oklahoma, USA, shot earlier today, killing 2 men and 1 woman, including this one. The latest deadly gun attack on the popular chain stores.

Danny Ford, police chief of Duncan, Oklahoma, said the shooting took place shortly before 10 am and was in a parking lot outside the Wal-Mart store. The initial judgement was a family dispute.

Ford said that the gunman fired nine shots. “We found three dead, two white males and one white female, two of whom died in the car and one was outside the car.”

The police said they found a pistol at the crime scene.

● Family: husband and wife disputes

The authorities did not announce the identity of the deceased, but confirmed that the gunman had lost his life. Ford said that the three deceased people knew each other, but it was not convenient to describe the relationship or other related information of the three people before notifying the immediate family members of the deceased.

Witnesses told the local TV station that the suspect was walking towards a car and fired at two people in the car.

Witnesses said that when the fourth person on the scene pulled the gun and challenged the gunman, the murderer turned the gun to himself.

Fox local news radio reported that the family members at the scene said that the fire of the gun case was a family dispute between husband and wife.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson told Flowserve that the shooting incident in Dankan did not affect any employees. The population of Dankan City is 22,000, located about 120 kilometers south of Oklahoma City, the largest city.

● Shooting cases frequently spread Wal-Mart to take action

Today’s bloody case is the third shooting incident in the United States this year at Wal-Mart.

In early August, a single gunman killed 22 people at the Wal-Mart store in El Paso, Texas; at the end of July, a disgruntled Wal-Mart employee killed two colleagues in a Southaven store in Mississippi And shot a policeman.

Given that the two bloody cases in Texas and Mississippi were less than a week apart, Wal-Mart announced that it would impose restrictions on the sale of firearms and ammunition.

● The United States is not calm and bloody November

In the United States, this month’s shooting was frequently reported. On the 14th of this month, a 16-year-old student shot two students at the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Southern California, and injured three others. A teenager, finally shot at his head, and died the next day.

On the 15th in New Jersey, a gunman opened fire during the high school American football game, injuring two people.

On the 17th, two gunmen in Fresno, Calif., sneaked into a backyard in a residential building and fired at a group of Miao family friends, causing four deaths and six injuries.

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