Eight years of efforts to achieve the Sun Yat-sen bronze statue of the founding father permanently erected in New York

After eight years of hard work, the Sun Yat-sen bronze statue of the founding father was permanently erected in Columbus Park in Huaying, Manhattan, New York. New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said that Sun Yat-sen is a great man of history. The ideal of “the world is the public” is full of strength, especially suitable for New York.

Today coincides with the 153th birthday of Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the country. The bronze statue of the founding father of Columbus Park was reopened and the naming ceremony of “Zhongshan Square” was held. Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee Wu Xinxing, the head of the New York Office, Xu Yuwen, the Chairman of the New York China Office, Wu Ruixian, and the Chinese New York City Councillors Chen Qianwen and Gu Yaming attended the ceremony.

Both Wu Xinxing and Xu Yuwen pointed out that the Three People’s Principles proposed by Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the country, coincided with the American concept of democracy, freedom and human rights. This bronze statue highlights the value cherished by both countries.

On behalf of President Tsai Ing-wen, Mr. Wu Xinyi said hello to the overseas Chinese. He thanked the overseas Chinese community for their long-standing support for the Republic of China and said that Sun Yat-sen, the founding father, embraced freedom, democracy and equal interests. “We are very proud to report that this ideal has been realized in Taiwan, Republic of China. “.”

According to Bill de Blasio, like the Statue of Liberty, the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen in New York can also send messages to the world, letting people know about the importance of Sun Yat-sen, the philosophy of freedom and democracy, and the reasons why these values ​​are still important today.

The base of the bronze statue is inlaid with gold foil. Bai Sihao pointed out that these words are full of strength and are very suitable for New York City. “We are convinced that we can help each other in the same boat. No matter where you are, you can contribute to the strength and make this place even more great.”

In 2011, in order to celebrate the founding of the Republic of China for a hundred years, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee presented a bronze statue of the founding father to the New York Overseas Chinese Community to commemorate the founding of the National Father to overthrow the Manchu and establish the Republic of China. At that time, the bronze statue was temporarily placed in Columbus Park. The Chinese office has been erecting bronze statues for many years. Bai Sihao announced his consent in February this year and named the square where the bronze statue is located as “Zhongshan Square”.

According to the regulations of the New York City Park Authority, the permanent erected bronze statue of the founding father must be rebuilt, the bronze statue should be re-polished, and a fund should be set up for the maintenance and use of bronze statues in the future. Wu Ruixian said that the project cost 448,400 US dollars (about NT$14.74 million). The Chinese office was fully burdened and did not accept any donations and sponsorship.

Today, the outdoor temperature in New York is only 3 degrees Celsius. The overseas Chinese are still attending the ceremony. More than 60 representatives of overseas Chinese delegations attended the commemorative meeting of Sun Yat-sen’s birthday at the Chinese office and presented flowers to the bronze statue of the founding father.

Wu Xinxing said during the interview that although the weather is cold, the hearts of every overseas Chinese are very warm. More than 100 years ago, the ancestors of the traditional overseas Chinese community supported the founding father to overthrow the Manchu government. Until today, they still firmly support the Republic of China. “This situation will always be cherished by us.”

He said that Mr. Sun Yat-sen is also respected on the other side of the strait, but the Chinese Communist Party called Sun Yat-sen the “revolutionary pioneer”. Only the people of the Republic of China respect Sun Yat-sen as the founding father and regard Sun Yat-sen as a political figure worthy of being loved, cherished and commemorated forever. In addition, the CCP does not respect freedom, democracy and human rights. As long as one day exists, it will be the greatest challenge for mankind.

Wu Xinxing said: “Everyone must continue to work hard until one day, mainland China has become a place of freedom, democracy, and wealth, and become the pride of Chinese people all over the world. The Western countries will be able to afford the Chinese. So the revolution has not been successful, and comrades still have to Work hard.”

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