Called to defeat Chuanpu Pengbo Arkansas to register for the Democratic primary

Former New York City Mayor and billionaire media tycoon Michael Bloomberg registered in the Democratic primary in Arkansas today, continued to publicly consider the competition for the White House, shouting to be in 2020 Defeat US President Trump.

Bloomberg has not officially announced whether to vote for the 2020 election, but he admitted to considering the election and registered for election in Alabama on the 8th. Each state in the United States has a different qualification process, and today is the last day of the Arkansas presidential primary registration, the same as the Alabama registration deadline.

If you run for the election, Bloomberg will try to position itself as a moderate with a successful record and have the business experience of challenging Republican Trump. However, due to the explosion of the number of Democratic candidates who are vying for nomination, it may be difficult for him to break through.

Although the candidates did not need to appear in person, according to the Democratic Party’s Arkansas Party’s tweets, Bloomberg went to Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, to officially register for the state’s primary election. Bloomberg also said: “Formally registering for the Democratic primary in Arkansas. We must defeat Trump, and he will live up to us every time.”

Bloomberg, who said in March that he did not seek to challenge the White House, was the 180-degree turn of the 77-year-old rich man. He estimated the net worth of $53.4 billion (about NT$1.6 trillion). Listed by Forbes as the 8th richest American, the move also criticized him as just another rich man trying to buy elections.

Bloomberg entered the election so late, which means he must quickly catch up with the progress and build the foundation that the opponent spent months building, so he will skip several earlier elections like Iowa’s February 3 party meeting. The focus is on states where opponents do not have a greater organizational advantage and vote late, starting with “Super Tuesday”, which held primaries on at least 15 states, including Arkansas and Alabama on March 3.

Joe Biden, the leading Democratic candidate and former US vice president, was asked if Bloomberg could succeed in qualifying for the four earlier elections, arguing that he is unlikely to make up for the loss. .

Biden said in Grinnell, Iowa, yesterday: “Bloomberg is a talented person, a little bit of money, as long as he wants to invest (selection), but I only think that the way the system is now established You have to go through 4 levels before Super Tuesday: Iowa State Party Conference, New Hampshire Primary, Nevada Caucus and South Carolina Primary.”

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