President al-Assad in an interview with Russian RT-UK TV Channel: We can build our country gradually, we have enough human resources, Americans try to loot other countries

President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that Russia is defending its interests in different ways, and one of the aspects of this defense is represented in that its fight against terrorism in a certain country is considered as defending Russian people as terrorism and its ideology have no borders and they don’t see political borders.

In an interview with Russian RT-UK TV Channel, President al-Assad said “No one would die for a person…People would die, especially en masse for a cause and this cause is defending their country, defending their existence and their future.”

“The accusations of using chemical weapons have been just allegations and those who spoke about their occurrence must prove their story and provide evidence,” President al-Assad added.

The President indicated that there are a lot of misleading narratives in the West just to show that the Syrian Army is intentionally killing the civilians, adding that Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization have partners in stealing the Syrian oil since the year 2014: Erdogan and his coterie, and the Americans, whether the CIA or others.

The President said “The Americans try to loot the other countries in different ways regarding not only their oil or money, or financial resources, but they loot their rights,” adding that “The world order after World War II has expired, and the one polar world doesn’t work anymore.”

“The Israelis are our enemies, and they occupy our land, and it’s self-evident, intuitive to be part of anything that could happen against Syria,” the President said, adding “Our interest lies in killing terrorists for protecting civilians, and not leaving the civilians and the innocent under the control of terrorists to be killed by them.”

The President went on saying “According to Western media, our bullets and missiles can only kill civilians; they don’t kill militants and this is a part of the Western narrative,” affirming that “The Turkish people are our neighbors, and we have a common history, and we cannot make them the enemy. The enemy is Erdogan and his policy and his coteries.”

The President pointed out to the important role played by the public sector in Syria which has protected Syria’s economy and “without it, we would not have survived this war,” adding “We still have a public sector and we still support the poor and we still have subsidies of bread, of oil, of schools, everything, nearly free; education is free in Syria.”

The President said “We can build our country gradually, gradually, and we have enough human resources, and definitely China, Russia and Iran will have a priority in the reconstruction,” adding that “Every country which stood against Syria will not have a chance to be part of reconstruction.”

“We are not going to help any country in security while they work against Syria in every aspect, economy, security and in their politics,” the President asserted.

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