Kyoto animation arsonist hospital responded that the horizontal and vertical will be executed

Japan’s “Kyoto Animation” arsonist Ai Yezhen was stunned by severe burns during arson. After treatment, he was able to accept police investigation yesterday. According to informed sources, Aoba said at the time of the investigation that “there will be a death sentence anyway.”

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun reported that Aoki, 41, was suspected of going to gasoline and arson in the first studio of “Kyoto Animation” (animated fan called “Kingani”) in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City on July 18, killing 36 people. The tragedy of 33 people was injured. The police later obtained arrest warrants for murder and arson. However, it is still impossible to arrest Aoba.

Law enforcement officials said that the Kyoto government police went to the hospital yesterday to investigate Aoba for the first time after the arson. Although the Aoba disease has been restored to talk to people, but still can not stand, the Kyoto government police will see the recovery of the Aoba body in the future, to determine when to arrest the Aoba.

Aoba was also severely burned during arson. It was once unconscious and has been treated in the intensive care unit of the Osaka Prefecture Hospital; it can be spoken and rehabilitated about a month ago.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that Aoba confessed to committing crimes when he was interviewed. As for the arson, the motivation was the same as that at the time of the incident, arguing that his novel was stolen.

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported that after the Jingani arson incident, Aoba was first interviewed by the police for about an hour.

Aoba has undergone multiple skin grafting operations during her hospitalization, and she has now recovered from the original long bed to the wheelchair.

In the case of suspected pleadings during hospitalization, in the future, when the confession is based on free will and fear of disputes, the Kyoto government police have been trying to investigate the Aoba’s prudent assessment in the hospital. Yesterday, the police may have judged the ability of Aoba. Only after receiving the investigation.

However, whether Aoba can accept long-term detention by the police and has to endorse it by a doctor is still difficult to predict when the police can arrest Aoba.

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