The four candidates for the presidency of Atomic Energy present themselves before the Board of Governors

The four candidates for the post of new director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) presented their candidacies at a meeting of the IAEA board of governors as part of the procedure for appointing the new head of the agency.

The session was held at the agency’s headquarters in Vienna, and allowed members of the Board of Governors to know the views and positions of the competitors and ask questions to the four candidates, Romanian Cornel Verota, Argentine Rafael Grossi, Slovak Marta Ziakova, and candidate Lassina Zerbo of Burkina Faso.

Ambassador Michela Granit, chairwoman of the Board of Governors, said the meeting was “an important step in the process of appointing the new director of the IAEA.”

It is expected that the Board of Governors will vote for the selection and appointment of the new Director-General during the month of October, with the appointment of the Director-designate no later than the first of January next.

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