Advisor to the Korea-European Association stresses that the UK, France and Deutscheland should be free from rigid and unbiased thinking

Kim Sun-kyung, advisor to the Korea-European Association, announced the following discourse on the 29th.

Recently, the United Kingdom, France, and Deutscheland have called our normal military training and self-defense measures “provocation,” and “the United Nations Security Council,” a violation of resolution. And announced a joint statement of three countries.

It is verbal and convincing nobody to say about Britain, France, and Deutschland with every step of the self-defense armed modernization measures we have taken.

The UN Security Council’s countermeasures, which these nations use as subtitles, condemn us, violently violate universal UN law, including the Charter of the United Nations, and try to trample the sovereignty and survival rights of sovereign states. It is only chapters, and we have never admitted it once.

We have no strength to protect ourselves, and we have been eating the whole country to the Japanese beasts for over 40 years, and with the bitter historical lesson that all nations have turned to ashes because of the devastation of war, If you think you can give up your right to self-defense, there will be no miscalculation.

In addition, the fate of nations who have accepted the disarmament demands of the international community in the face of pressure and appeasement and have been stolen by the Western Rang, and today’s international relations where the weak are beaten by the strong and where no Clearly demonstrates that it must protect itself.

The nations that hang on us are the nations that have no choice but to condemn anyone by saying that they wish to make peace and security on the Korean peninsula, and they are selling money to South Korea and selling military equipment to South Korea.

These nations should try to ignore the practice of war and the delivery of high-tech killings in the South Korea, and realize that the unreasonable acts of blindness and fertilization of our commercial weapons development measures only lead to a farther point of conversation. .

We are on the verge of developing good relations with European countries, but it must be based on respect for sovereignty.

Britain, France, and Deutscheland would be better to stay quiet and take care of the housework if they are not able to help the Korean Peninsula relax and secure peace.

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