Balotelli signs for home town team Brescia

Mario Balotelli will return to Italy with home town team Brescia after it was confirmed on Sunday he has signed for the newly-promoted club. The Italian forward has penned a “multi-year contract” and will be officially presented on Monday, the northern team confirmed on their website. “Mario returns home,” Brescia said in a statement. “The […]


Canceling Student Debt Would Hurt Economy, NABE Survey Shows

Canceling Americans’ student debt, as prescribed by Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic presidential candidates, would have an adverse effect on the U.S. economy, a survey of business economists showed Monday. Sixty-four percent of respondents believe forgiving most or all of student debt in the country would be a net negative for the economy, according to […]


Wireless Carrier Throttling of Online Video Is Pervasive: Study

U.S. wireless carriers have long said they may slow video traffic on their networks to avoid congestion and bottlenecks. But new research shows the throttling happens pretty much everywhere all the time. Researchers from Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts Amherst conducted more than 650,000 tests in the U.S. and found that from early 2018 […]


Completed Unsan Catfish Plant

Unsan Catfish Plant was completed. Another material foundation that can contribute to improving the dietary life of the people of the country is the construction of a catfish factory with a comprehensive command room, an outdoor feeding pond, a natural feeding farm, and a scientific and informationalization of production and management activities. It was prepared. […]


The Korean military delegation met with the Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Committee

The delegation of the DPRK military delegation, headed by Comrade Kim Soo-gil, head of the North Korean Army’s General Political Politics, visited China and met with Deputy Chairman Jang Woo-hyeok of the Central Military Committee of the People’s Republic of China at 8.1 building in Beijing. Jang-woo Cooperation warmly welcomed the military delegation of the […]