Huawei confirmed: US R&D subsidiaries lay off 1,000 people

Reuters reported that Huawei Xiaoyiyang, the CEO of Huawei’s Italian branch, confirmed that Huawei’s R&D company in the US will lay off 1,000 people.

Reuters reported on the 15th from Italy that Milan, in addition to confirming that Huawei will lay off employees in the United States, and that if the US still blacklists Huawei in the next month, Huawei also has a “B plan” to guarantee components. Supply.

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted people familiar with the matter that the layoffs are expected to affect Huawei’s R&D subsidiary Futurewei Technologies. The subsidiary has approximately 850 employees in Texas, California, and Washington.

Huawei is a Chinese communications equipment giant. Huawei is expected to strengthen its foothold in Europe because it is cited by the US government as a major security risk.

While confirming that Huawei’s US subsidiary will lay off employees, Yan Xiaoyang announced that it plans to invest US$3.1 billion (about NT$97 billion) in Italy in three years.

He said, “In the next three years, we will invest $1.9 billion in the acquisition of suppliers in Italy, $1.2 billion in operations and marketing, and $52 million in research and development.”

Yan Xiaoyang said that the plan will directly create 1,000 jobs and 2,000 job opportunities.

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