UAE shoots ‘Heroes of the Future’ project soon

Shooting is one of the most important sports in the country, if not the most important one if the criterion of measurement is the achievements, figures and awards, as it has achieved the greatest athletic gain for the UAE throughout its long history, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hashr Al Maktoum.

And has won many titles and medals in the world, Asia and the Arabs, and always remains the first candidate to represent the state with the best image and export joy to the sports street in various Asian and international games and Olympic.

In order to preserve the achievements of the past, Emirates Shooting Federation is preparing to build a bridge to the future by announcing the launch of one of the country’s most important sports projects under the name of “Future Heroes”, aimed at honing talents and qualifying them at the highest international standards. Strategy to build a new generation of shooters capable of achieving international achievements.

In this regard, Abdullah Salem bin Yaqoub, Secretary General of the Federation, said that the project’s winners are chosen on scientific grounds, including the tournaments of each player, its results in the local participations and the evaluations of the technical experts. 20 years in all categories of shooting, whether dishes or air pressure or lead, pointing out that the Board of Directors of the Union adopted the plan and mechanisms of this project under the name agreed, “Heroes of the future,” because the game of shooting needs rare requirements in the shooters, especially in dishes.

“The Board of Directors of the Shooting Federation is keen to thank and thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Sports and Sports Sponsor, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Sheikh Shaikh Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, President of the Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation, Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and Major General Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoon bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the National Service and Reserve Authority for their support, care and follow-up. Thanks to her The achievements of our sport. “

“The current generation led by Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum has done a great deal for state shooting, and has achieved and continues to achieve the achievements of every Emirati. We must work to rehabilitate a new generation in partnership with Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid, Juma Bin Dalmouk Al Maktoum, Chairman of Hazza Shooting Team, Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation which supports women, and Al Dhaid Sports Cultural Club, which includes a number of elements of the national team for air pressure and lead, as well as Sharjah Sports Club and other sports institutions in the country to select a large number of talents Through graphic tournaments Inside of the state, he said: “We have technical committees in the lead, dishes and air pressure that holds the selection of talent.”

He added that “all selected shooters will undergo technical, physical, health and psychological tests to ensure that each one of them can continue with the project and fulfill its objectives. The shooters will be periodically evaluated from time to time after each time schedule, To participate in major international challenges, including the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in the Senegalese city of Dakar, for which preparations have been made for now.

On the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Ibn Yacoub confirmed that the players nominated for the finals were Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum, Mohammed Hussein, Saif bin Fatis, Lafa’a Khamis, Sheikh Juma bin Dalmuk Al Maktoum, Hamad bin Majran and Zahir Al-Aryani. Will be pleased to have the UAE people to achieve a new achievement in addition to the balance of the achievements of the state in this sport, and are currently training in the field of Nad Al Sheba, preparing to travel and participate in the World Championship in Finland, which will be held from 13 to 23 August and is one of the qualifying rounds of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

“We will be hosting the World Cup for the elite of dishes from 8 to 15 October, which will include the world’s best ranked shooters and will be held either at Al Fursan Club in Abu Dhabi or in Abu Dhabi. Al Ain Club in Al Ain, and we have a special training course in the sport of the “Target Sprint”, which is the UAE is one of the first countries in the world interacting with its establishment, and we have another cycle of weapons inspection, and the local season and its activity we have many competitions, most notably the league and cup in each category .

And the procedures of separation of bow and arrow from the Union of Archery to be an independent bow and arrow under the decision of the General Authority for Sport, which was issued last month said: “We asked for this decision, as the game bow and arrow was an independent association in the past, and then joined the Emirates Shooting Federation, And the expansion of the practice of players and players. Now the bow and arrow sport has all the qualifications to become an independent federation, especially as there is an international federation of the bow and arrow demanding that its game be independent and its general assembly. The decision is being implemented, as there will be a special board of directors of the Union of Sagittarius. “

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