Human rights fight against Russia, North Korea and other 37 countries jointly support China’s Xinjiang policy

Recently, 22 countries have paid attention to the human rights issue in Xinjiang and called on China to stop arbitrarily detaining Uighurs. Yesterday, 37 countries including Russia also sent a letter to the United Nations to express their support for China’s Xinjiang policy and oppose “politicization” of human rights. The barriers to the camps of both sides are clear.

The Voice of America reported that 37 countries jointly sent a letter to the UN Human Rights Council on the 12th, expressing support for China’s Xinjiang policy and saying that “China has made remarkable achievements in the field of human rights.”

The joint letter stated that China faced a series of counter-terrorism and de-extremism measures in the face of the challenges of terrorism and extremism, including the establishment of vocational education and training centers.

The joint letter also stated that Xinjiang has not had a terrorist attack for three years, and people enjoy a stronger sense of happiness, satisfaction and security.

In addition to Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Belarus, Myanmar, the Philippines, Syria, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait and a number of African ambassadors to the United Nations participated in the joint venture.

Chen Xu, Chinese ambassador to the United Nations Office at Geneva, thanked the 37 countries for their support to China on the 12th.

Earlier this week, 22 European and American countries jointly sent a letter to the UN Human Rights Council, expressing concern about the situation of Xinjiang Uygur and other minorities, and called on the Chinese government to stop arbitrary detention. A similar joint statement was signed by only 12 countries in 2016, and the human rights organization Human Rights Watch believes that this reflects the growing international concern for Xinjiang.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang on the 11th criticized the 22 countries for writing “disregarding the truth”, blaming China for unwarranted accusations and attacks and filth; and stressing that Xinjiang affairs are purely China’s internal affairs and do not allow any state or external forces to interfere.

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