Nominee of the US Military Association Chairman: China is the primary threat in the next 100 years

Mark Milley, the nominee of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), said today that China will continue to observe the battle of the US military in the Middle East for a century. It is the “primary threat” of the US military.

However, Mai Li also stressed that “China is not an enemy. I have to make it clear. They are competitors.”

The Senate Armed Services Committee held a nomination hearing for Molly. In response to the question, Ms. McGee said: “China learns from us. They observe us closely during the first and second Persian Gulf wars and observe our combat power. And imitate us through many channels, and they have adopted many military principles and organizational structures.”

Meili also said: “China is rapidly improving their military capabilities in space, the Internet, and the sea and air.” He also said that the United States must ensure that “there will be no relative advantages, especially relative to China, when faced with other countries.”

The growing threat from China and Russia has replaced the war on terror as the primary challenge of the current US defense strategy. China is already the world’s second-largest economy and is investing heavily in military capabilities to challenge the US’s dominance since the Second World War, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

The United States this month condemned China’s anti-ship missile test in the South China Sea, highlighting that the US and China are still in a state of continuous strategic tension even if they try to restart trade negotiations. However, China refutes the US statement and says it only conducts routine military exercises including live fire.

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