International society welcomes the reunion and talks with the head of state in Panmunjom

The news of the reunion at the demilitarized zone of the Military Demarcation Line, which has been a product of hostility and confrontation for many years, has brought a great shock to the entire planet. The international community, which has come to the surprise of the Korean Peninsula through various media, He expressed his enthusiasm for welcoming the support.

A spokesman for the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia has published a public statement and confirmed that President Kim Jong Eun of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) reunited with the United States President in the Demilitarized Zone by reasonably resolving the hostile relationship between the two countries that has been going on for 70 years. And that it will be a chance to give hope to peace guaranteed by the Korean Peninsula.

The Chairman of the Friendship Society of Korea, Romania said:

This reunion of the chiefs of chief ministers is a great step to alleviate the tension on the Korean peninsula.

It was a really unforgettable moment when the seasoning leaders held hands and made a huge stride in the Panmunjom Seperation Line.

I hope that the situation of the Korean peninsula will be resolved peacefully in accordance with the common interests of the two countries.

The chairman of the Japan-Korea Association for Academic Exchange of Educational Exchanges stated that Kim Jong Eun had been unable to imagine his handshake with the US President at Panmunjom, and expressed his sincere welcome to the meeting.

The chairman of the National Committee for the Study of Juche Idea, Chairman of the National Socialist Party (Romania), the chairman of the Supreme Socialist Party, said that this reunion is a historical moment once again showing the will and determination of Kim Jong Eun to resolve the issue of the Korean peninsula peacefully And that it was recorded in world history.

The Chairman of the Japan Committee for the Independent Peaceful Unification of the Joseon Dynasty reiterated that Kim Jong Eun can not reverse the steps toward “establishing a new seasoning relationship” and “establishing a peace regime on the Korean peninsula” by referring the President of the United States to the North. I praised it.

Meanwhile, US analysts such as the Kato Research Center, senior researchers and other experts have commented on the historical significance of the third reunion.

“The reunion at Mt. Panmunjom is a completely unexpected affair. The dialogue between Mizo leaders is of great significance. “

“We should not underestimate the significance of this Mizogon reunion. This led the two countries to establish new relationships. If the North Korean leader and Trump can continue to improve the relationship, it shows that they have the potential to do great things for peace and stability in the region. “

“The symbolic meaning of Mizo’s reunion is tremendously powerful. Military Demarcation Line The first time North Korea entered Trump as the first president of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the leaders of the two countries were reunited, suggesting a more peaceful future for the Korean peninsula. “…

In the name of Kim Jong Eun , the dearest leader who has created unprecedented trust in the world, and has made a special contribution to the accomplishment of the world peace accomplishment , the unity of the people of the world is intensified. The plenary reunions and talks at the Panmunjom between Kim Jong Eun and the President of the United States of America were praised as the fruits of the great leader of the Supreme Leader’s Comrade to achieve peace and security on the Korean peninsula.

The reunion and talks held at Panmunjom, a symbol of the confrontation, were a special event in achieving peace, stability and development of the Korean peninsula and improving seasonal relations. The Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Eun stated that the peace on the Korean Peninsula would be realized when Comrade Kim was alive.

The statement of the Association of Romanian Workers noted:

Due to the diplomatic skills of Kim Jong Eun, for the first time in his career, he could not feel excited as he watched the moment when the incumbent President of the United States stepped on the land of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Kim Jong Eun is making a great contribution to enhancing the authority of Joseon in the international political stage with energetic external activities and guaranteeing world peace and stability.

I hope that the good friendship of the senior leaders will lead to positive outcomes in the future.

Mt. Baekdusan, the International Festival of Swallows, the Swiss Organizing Committee, the Swiss Chosun Committee and the Swiss Juche Idea Research Institute, stressed in a joint statement.

It is indeed a huge significance that the Chunmi headmen reunited in front of the Panmunjom separating line and the President of the United States stepped on the territory of Joseon.

This reunion and talks again showed a willingness to improve seasonal relations with a good friendship between top leaders of the two countries. It also contributed greatly to the protection of the Korean peninsula and world peace.

Respect for Kim Jong-un knock the enthusiastic greetings of congratulations to the Chairman and to the WPK, the DPRK government and people.

Long live as chairman of Kim Jung Eun who is the protector of peace !

We support improvement of seasonal relations! (End)

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