Japanese-controlled electronic raw materials sales Han Kangjing and call Pompeo for help

The South Korean Foreign Ministry revealed today that Foreign Minister Kang Jing and the US Secretary of State, Pompei, had a phone call on the evening of 10th to express concern about Japan’s restrictions on key semiconductor materials for South Korea.

South Korea’s joint news agency pointed out that Kang Jinghe said that Japan’s trade restrictions not only harm the interests of South Korean companies, but also disrupt global supply chains, but also negatively affect US companies and even the world trade order. This is not conducive to the friendly relations between South Korea and Japan. Cooperation with Korea, the United States and Japan.

Kang Jinghe said that the South Korean government has always insisted on developing a future-oriented Korea-Japan relationship based on a two-track strategy. South Korea hopes that Japan will withdraw its trade restrictions to prevent the situation from worsening, and will try to resolve related issues through diplomatic channels such as dialogue with Japan.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry pointed out that Mike Pompeo understood this. Kang Jing and Ponpeo agreed to continue to cooperate to strengthen diplomatic communication at all levels between Korea, the United States, Korea, the United States and Japan. Given that Korea and the United States have comprehensively discussed Japan’s economic retaliatory measures, the role that the United States will play is of great concern.

Kang Jinghe and Pompeo agreed that US President Trump’s visit to South Korea from June 29 to 30 reaffirmed that the ROK-US alliance is unbreakable. The historic meeting between the South and North Korean American leaders in Panmunjom is the denuclearization of North Korea and the United States regarding the Korean Peninsula. Work-level consultations lay the foundation.

Kang Jing and Peng Poe agreed to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum Foreign Ministers Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand from August 1st to 3rd, to discuss issues of common concern in person.

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