Avoiding US tariffs threatens Mexico to expel 33% of immigrants

The Mexican government said today that in order to avoid US President Trump’s threat of tariffs, Mexico’s “unprecedented” measures to reduce foreign immigration, the number of foreigners expelled in June increased from last month. 33%.

According to preliminary statistics from the Mexican Immigration Service, the number of immigrants deported in June was 2,191,212, more than the 1,650,7 in May.

Trump threatened Mexico in May. If no more measures are taken to slow the number of Central American immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border, the United States will impose tariffs on Mexican goods.

After a week of negotiations, the two sides reached an agreement on June 7. According to the agreement, Mexico agreed to send thousands of National Guard personnel to guard the border, while Mexico extended the withdrawal of asylum seekers policy when dealing with asylum seekers in the United States.

Known as the “Leave in Mexico” policy, nearly 17,000 immigrants have been repatriated to Mexico.

In another statement, the Mexican government stated that the first batch of about 66 people had been returned to the country under a new “voluntary return” temporary plan.

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