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Brunei Sultan Hashana Bahia today extended the ban on the death penalty for homosexual sex, trying to ease the global rebound, movie star George Clooney and singer Elton Strong celebrities have previously called for a boycott of Brunei’s restaurants in various countries.

Since Brunei’s full implementation of the new criminal law in April, this was the first public comment by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, whose remarks were interpreted as trying to calm criticism from around the world.

In the past, Brunei has always defended their right to implement the law. Some of the laws were passed as early as 2014, but they were implemented at the stage of controversy.

However, Hashan Nabuki has rarely responded to outside criticism today, saying that the death penalty will not be enforced when the Islamic Criminal Law (SPCO) is implemented.

In a speech before the beginning of the Islamic fasting month, Hashan Nabuki said: “I know that there are many problems and misunderstandings in the implementation of Islamic criminal law, but we believe that once these problems are ruled out, the value of this law will be obvious to all.”

According to the official translation speech, he mentioned: “The Islamic law is full of the compassion and blessings of Allah, and we should not doubt it.”

He added: “In the past 20 years, in the general legal cases, we have actually suspended the execution of the death penalty, which will also apply to the case of Islamic criminal law that expands the scope of pardon.”

This small country in Southeast Asia imposed Islamic law on April 3, which triggered strong criticism from all walks of life. The new criminal law imposes the death penalty on homosexual acts, adultery and rape, including death by stone. In addition, the new law also imposes a slap in the face of theft.

Celebrities such as the American actor George Clooney and British singer Elton John, the United Nations and human rights groups expressed their indignation at the launch of Brunei.

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