Kim Jung Eun ‘s Comitational Address to the Comrade

Kim Il Sung – Kim Jong Il Research Institute JoongAng Ilgha announced a statement on April 29 in support of the municipal government’s top government speech .

Kim Jong Eun emphasized that in his address to the municipal government, the blast of hostile forces should be wiped out as self-reliance, a boom of self-power, the statement pointed out as follows.

We support the imperative measures of Chosun to develop the self – reliant economy by impregnating the imperialists with their oppression.

The accomplishments achieved by the Korean people are becoming an example for the progressive peoples of the world.

The people of the country who are oriented toward independence have a solid ties to the struggle of the Korean people.

We fully support the efforts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the peace of the Korean peninsula and condemn the anti-communist policies of the imperialists who are the main cause of the destruction of peace.

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