1.6 billion Muslims enter the fasting month and also fast in outer space

The global estimated 1.6 billion Muslims entered the fasting month today, and banned diet from sunrise to sunset. How can a Muslim who is in the corner of the earth not fall? The first Muslim astronaut, Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia, once defended fast in outer space.

The fasting month is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the beginning time depends on when the new moon appears. What should I do if I accidentally eat or drink? Isn’t it even drinking water? Can’t you take a sip when no one sees it? These are the questions that most Muslims are often asked during Ramadan.

Independent news media, ” Middle Eye ” (Middle East Eye) reported that the purpose of fasting is self-restraint, consciously during the day eating, drinking is a “fast-breaking” behavior, will lead a day of fasting invalidate fasting does not hold power. However, if you eat and drink unconsciously, for example, if you forget to keep fast and leave your diet to the entrance, it is not a break.

During the fasting month, Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink or have intimate behavior from sunrise to sunset. So what if you are in the corner of the earth where the sun is not falling?

The Turkish Radio and Television International Channel (TRT World) reported that the Muslim community near the Arctic Circle has increased in recent years. For them, there is no sunset at all in summer or short-lived from sunset to sunrise. Eat in a hurry.

According to the report, most Islamic scholars believe that Muslims in such a situation do not have to stick to local conditions and can change to fasting according to the sunrise and sunset conditions that neighboring countries can make.

So how do you spend the fasting month if you are in outer space?

In the past, at least one person had been fasting in outer space, and Muslim scholars have indeed solved this problem.

The report pointed out that Sultan bin Salman of Saudi Arabia participated in the discovery of the Discovery mission during the 1985 Ramadan. He observed the new moon from space and obeyed the decisions of religious leaders, and started fasting according to the last position on the earth before the space shuttle was launched, that is, the sunrise and sunset conditions in Florida, USA.

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