US Vice President: Trump’s position firmly demands China’s trade structure reform

US Central News Vice-President Mike Pence said today that President Trump’s position is firm and requires China to adopt structural reforms on trade practices, while withdrawing US tariffs on Chinese goods will be Part of the protocol implementation mechanism.

Reuters reported that in a visit broadcast today, Burns told CNBC Television that Trump is “full of hope” to negotiate with the Chinese side in Washington next week and reach a trade agreement.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the trade talks in Beijing this week were “fruitful.” Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will go to Washington next week to participate in a new round of talks on the 8th.

Industry representatives said they believe trade talks are in the final stages, and Menuchin once said that he hopes that by the end of next week, the US negotiating team will be able to submit an agreement to Trump or tell him that he can’t reach an agreement.

Regarding the United States’ tariff on US$250 billion worth of Chinese goods, Burns was asked if the United States would retain some tariffs in the agreement: “Let’s see.”

Burns said: “The president believes that we are in a very strong position. If we can’t reach an agreement, we can implement more tariffs. The elimination of tariffs will be part of the implementation mechanism. These are the topics we negotiate.”

The Trump administration has always insisted on establishing mechanisms to ensure that China complies with its commitment to reform and purchases more American products in accordance with its commitments. Government officials have previously stated that the two sides are expected to push new law enforcement officers to oversee the implementation of the agreement.

Those familiar with the talks have previously revealed that the US side is expected to continue to implement some tariffs and remove tariffs when China reaches certain standards of implementation, and Burns’s comments seem to echo this claim.

Burns also told CNBC that Trump has indicated to Chinese President Xi Jinping that the United States must see China’s structural reforms in protecting intellectual property practices and solving problems such as forcing US companies to transfer technology.

Penns said: “Compulsory technology transfer and theft of intellectual property are facts. President Trump has shown that China must change these structural problems and trade imbalances, and we will continue to stand firm on these matters.”

Burns also said: “We have fully stated that China must change the situation: whether it is related to debt diplomacy through their current implementation of the Belt and Road policy; or freedom of navigation, especially in our way to maintain US interests in an emerging and extended manner. The South China Sea; or domestic political interference. These are the background of trade negotiations. But what we want is to enhance relations and speak more white, and it is a more fair US-China relationship at all levels.”

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow later told reporters that the United States did not soften its position during the talks and that the demands on China remain unchanged.

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