North Korea’s short-range launcher’s Sichuan Gold II will be nervous after the break

South Korea’s military said that North Korea’s “Eight” launches were being launched on the east coast today. This is North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un’s disappointment with the US President Trump’s talks, the latest and most provocative Sexual action. Analysts say North Korea is putting pressure on the United States.

Agence France-Presse reported that the South Korean contract staff headquarters said in a statement that North Korea “launched several short-range emitters from the Hudao Peninsula near the East Coast town of Yuanshan to the northeast from 9:06 to 9:27 this morning.” The long-term monitoring of North Korea’s dynamic US website “38 North” (38 North) indicates that the Tiger Island peninsula is a place for artillery to conduct live-fire exercises.

The South Korean contract staff headquarters then stated that the missile flew 70 to 200 kilometers toward the East China Sea (Japan Sea). North Korea’s last launch of the missile was in November 2017.

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Jing and yesterday said that if North Korea wants the United States to lift its sanctions, it should conduct a “clear, specific and large-scale” denuclearization operation.

After Kim Jong-un and Trump broke the Kawasaki Second World Conference held in Hanoi, Vietnam in February, there were serious differences between the Washington and Pyongyang authorities. US State Department North Korea Policy Special Representative Stephen Biegun is expected to visit Japan and South Korea next week.

White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said in a statement: “We know North Korea’s actions tonight, and we will continue to carry out the necessary monitoring.”

Earlier this week, Choe Son Hui, the deputy minister of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, warned the United States that it would face “unfavorable consequences” if it does not adjust its position on North Korea’s economic sanctions.

Ankit Panda, an analyst who studies North Korea’s situation, said North Korea’s launch today “has not violated Kim Jong-un’s own moratorium on test-fired missiles.” This promise “applies only to intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

“From past experience, when North Korea and the United States started talks, they generally did not test missiles, but (the two sides) did not hold talks at present.”

Kim Hyun-wook, a professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy, said: “This is a North Korean move that can be expected. It will not be too provocative, but it will prompt the United States to take a firmer stance than the original. This seems to be a message to Bigan’s plan to visit the Korean peninsula.”

Reuters reported that Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest in the US think tank said: “It seems obvious that North Korea is angry at the lack of flexibility of the Trump administration’s lifting of sanctions. Maximum pressure policy.”

Yang Uk, a senior researcher at the Korea Defence and Security Forum, said: “This is a disappointment that North Korea is negotiating with the United States. The message is that if there is no breakthrough, North Korea will return to the previous Confrontation mode.”

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