Civil Defense promotes awareness of safety requirements within “Safe Ramadan”

The General Directorate of Civil Defense of the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with its regional administrations and in cooperation with the Department of Security Information, launched its “Safe Ramadan” sub- In early 2019, with the aim of spreading the culture of prevention and safety among the groups of society during the holy month.

Major General Jassem Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander of the Civil Defense Department at the Ministry of the Interior, instructed all regional civil defense departments of the General Command of Civil Defense to raise the readiness to receive the holy month of Ramadan and to provide the highest standards and safety standards for all members of society. When creating Ramadan tents.

Maj. Gen. Jassim Al Marzouqi stressed that the Civil Defense elements are always ready to face any emergency during the year with increasing readiness and readiness in times of events and activities that require additional security and safety measures such as the month of Ramadan, which witnessed many community activities.

He pointed out that all the civil defense centers in the country are fully prepared during the holy month of Ramadan to face any emergency. He pointed out that the General Command of the Civil Defense in coordination with its regional administrations has prepared an operational plan during the holy month including the launch of the “Safe Ramadan” campaign to include inspection tours on Ramadan tents Of the commitment of their owners to the procedures of prevention and safety and report on any irregularities are caught, as well as conducting field visits to families preparing Ramadan meals in the fasting breakfast project, implemented by the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Humanitarian Works during the month Yale each year, to determine the availability of safety requirements in the kitchens.

The campaign also includes educating housewives about the protective conditions that they must follow during their preparation for breakfast, in order to preserve their safety and prevent fires. They also train them through specialized trainers from the Civil Defense on how to use fire extinguishers in the household kitchens participating in this project. For the distribution of brochures and publications containing targeted awareness materials that call for caution and follow the precautionary instructions during the preparation of meals.

In the same context, the General Command of the Civil Defense has determined the safety and prevention conditions required for the issuance of Ramadan tents licenses, and warned against the construction of tents by some without consulting the competent authorities and obtaining a license to establish them to ensure the safety and safety conditions set by the Civil Defense in this regard.

Among the most important requirements are the non-use of tents for storage or the use of ovens and cooking stoves within them, with the need to put an air treatment unit outside the tent in case of internal conditioning, and that the air conditioning unit is dedicated to this purpose, and that the lights of the internal lighting away from the canvas tent at least About 50 cm.

Each interior air conditioning unit should be equipped with a special section, interior decoration and decorative fabrics with materials to slow the spread of the flame. The fabrics and materials manufactured shall be flame-resistant, and the specifications approved shall be met, sufficient fire extinguishers shall be provided, One or more safety supervisors of the body responsible for installation of the tents for follow-up of emergencies, provided that he is familiar with the use of fire extinguishers and emergency procedures. And have direct access to civil defense in emergencies or the need for any consultation.

The conditions shall include the number of emergency exits, their expansion and height according to safety and safety requirements, in proportion to the size of the tent, the number of occupants, its location, and the materials made thereof or in its interior.

Each tent is required to provide adequate fire extinguishers and the required sizes in each tent for rapid intervention in the event of a fire, and the tents structures must be solid and solid and not collapse by heat or strong winds and make sure to choose the appropriate place to set up the tent. the conditions.

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