Munzer underlines necessity of halting support to terrorism in Syria, lifting coercive measures

Acting charge d’affaires of Syria’s permanent delegation at the UN Munzer Munzer affirmed that the only way to end the suffering of the Syrians and to improve their humanitarian situation is represented in halting the support to terrorism by some well-known states and lifting the illegitimate coercive measures which aim at achieving cheap political agendas.

Munzer, during a session of the Security Council on Wednesday, reiterated that Syrian has spared no efforts over the past years to provide all types of humanitarian aid to all the Syrians who have been affected by the crisis wherever they are across the Syrian territories, and it has been keen on the cooperation and coordination with the UN and other international organizations working in Syria to do that according to the resolution 182/46.

He asserted that the main reasons behind the suffering of the Syrians is the continued practices of the terrorist organizations and of the governments  of some well-known states which support terrorists, in addition to the continued crimes committed by the so-called “International Coalition” which claimed the lives of thousands of the Syrians and caused huge damage to the infrastructure.

Munzer said that the illegitimate unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people are one of the main reasons of their suffering, adding that they must be immediately lifted without conditions, particularly due to their criminal and catastrophic repercussions  on the civilians and the humanitarian work.

He reiterated the call for supporting the efforts of the Syrian Government and its allies to facilitate the return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland, and to allocate the contracts  of the donors to achieve that goal, and to put an end to the systematic politicization of the humanitarian issue and to the attempts of some states to exploit that file.

Munzer underlined the necessity of supporting Syria’s efforts to eliminate Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and other terrorist organizations affiliated to it in, and to put an end to the frequent attacks launched by these terrorist organizations on innocent civilians in the neighboring towns and villages.

He added that the US and the terrorist organizations affiliated to it have been holding thousands of the displaced Syrians inside al-Rukban camp in the occupied al-Tanf area from 1820 days, calling for ending the suffering of those people and allowing them to leave the camp and to return to their areas which had been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

Munzer noted that the Syrian Government has taken all the required measures to evacuate those who are held at al-Rukban Camp and to end their suffering, yet this entails from the US occupation forces to dismantle this camp and to ensure safe movement of transportation in the occupied area of al-Tanf.

“Some of the Security Council’s member states are still practicing hypocrisy towards the Syrian people as they don’t want to put an end to the crisis in Syria, but they want to continue to support terrorists and to impose economic embargo on the Syrian people,” Munzer said.

He called upon the governments which support terrorism to stop to exploit the crisis in Syria to achieve certain political goals which serve their interests and to lift the economic siege imposed on the Syrian people, and to stop shelling the cities and  killing civilians.

Munzer said that the Syrian state institutions are exerting all possible efforts to support all the segments of society who are suffering from the practices of the terrorist organizations and the crimes of the so-called “International Coalition”, adding that the unilateral coercive measures have aggravated the suffering of the Syrian people and they hinder the efforts exerted by the Syrian state to provide the basic services and healthcare to them optimally.

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