Thailand’s 7 opposition parties alleged the right to form a new government

The “Democratic Front”, organized by seven opposition parties in Thailand, said today that after a chaotic election, they have obtained a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, after five years of ruling by the military government. They have the right to try to form a new government.

However, the Thai opposition coalition is still unable to elect the prime minister, because according to the congressional regulations drafted by the military government, candidates for the prime minister must win more than half of the support of the House and Senate.

However, the Thai Senate seats were all appointed by the military government, and they are expected to support the political parties.

Since the unofficial statistics of the 24th vote have not yet been announced, the ruling military government has no intention of giving up the former Prime Minister’s commander-in-chief and coup leader Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The stalemate after the election may lead to an increase in tension, and Thailand is preparing to hold the grand New Thai King Coronation Ceremony in May.

The elected government led by the “Thai Party” was overthrown in the 2014 coup. Sudarat Keyuraphan, the prime minister of the “Thai Party”, said today that the 7-party coalition against the camp is expected to be in the 500 seats of the House of Representatives. Get at least 255 seats.

She said: “We announced that the Democratic Front, which opposes military rule, has won a majority in the House of Representatives.”

She pointed out that the largest political alliance in the House of Representatives should be given the right to try to organize the government.

She said: “All parties in the Democratic Front win the fullest confidence of the people.” The Democratic Front will begin to invite more parties to join.

“Thai Party” Phumtham Wechayachai said that the current parties participating in the Democratic Front include “Future Forward”, “Pheu Chart” and “National Party” (Prachachart). , “Seri Ruam Thai”, “Thai People Power” and “New Economy”.

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