Russia’s main New Year tree delivered to Kremlin

Russia’s main New Year tree has been delivered to the Kremlin, Moscow, from the Shchyolkovo district, Moscow Region.

The 100-year-old tree was solemnly taken through the Spasskaya Gate at 22:00 Moscow time, TASS reported.

“We had a nice journey despite the hard weather conditions. We stopped over two times. I am transporting a fir tree from the Moscow Region for the second time,” driver Andrei Leleko, dressed as a Father Frost, told TASS.

The vehicle stopped in front of the Spasskaya Gate, the driver left the car and gave documents to a Kremlin security officer. New Year trees have been brought to the Kremlin from the Moscow Region for 10 years.

This time the tree arrived from the village of Yeryomino, Shchyolkovo district, Moscow Region, having covered a route of about 100 km, followed by police cars.

The driver said that the exuberant branches had been fixed with ropes before the transportation in order to preserve the right pyramid shape of the tree, and the vehicle skirted pits and bumps on its way.

The most beautiful fir tree in the Moscow Region The New Year tree traditionally passed a strict selection process. It became the best among 30 main fir trees growing in different parts of the Moscow Region.

According to the rules, the country’s main fir tree should be at least 100 years old, it should have an even trunk, a pyramid shape, its lower branches should be nine meters wide and it should be about 30 meters high.

The wood quality is also important: it should not be cankered by insects. The current New Year tree did not hit the records of the past years in its size and height, but it corresponds to all requirements: the tree is 100 years old, its height is 27 meters and the trunk’s diameter is 60 cm.

Press Secretary of the Department of Presidential Affairs Yelena Krylova told TASS earlier that the fir tree will be decorated in the “Winter Forest” style: several thousand toys and more than 1 km of garlands will be needed for it.

The New Year tree will have been mounted and decorated by December 24. The first visitors are expected to see the decorated fir tree on December 26: a traditional Russian National Children’s New Year Party will be held in the State Kremlin Palace on this day. It will be attended by more than 5,000 school students from all Russian regions, as well as from Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

There will also be a circle dance around the fir tree on the Sobornaya Square. The tradition to mount a fir tree on the Sobornaya Square appeared under Nicholas I.

However, the tree was not so big then and was mounted for the tsar family. The Kremlin New Year Party was not held for several years in the Soviet Union.

The tradition was renewed in 1967, and a fir tree appeared in the Grand Kremlin Palace, and later in the State Kremlin Palace.

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